dal 1984, un'avventura
di mare, uomini e tanta passione.
"Una nave nel porto è al sicuro, ma non è per questo che le navi sono state costruite."
John Augustus Shedd

Capacity and Professionalism

We can provide a strategically integrated service, thus representing a single contact for the customer.

Skill and Flexibility

We adapt easily to customer needs, providing services tailored to meet and exceed their expectations even under the most difficult operating conditions.


Being a reliable partner and provide a reliable service are the fundamental components of our way of doing business.

An extra value…

Extreme care to look after the interests of the shipowners, plus the professional and efficient assistance to ships and crews are the strong points that make Labrolines one of the leading shipping agencies in the port of Marina di Carrara. The deep professional conscience impose us the utmost accuracy and transparency, leading us to offer our services only where we believe we can represent an extra value compared to our competitors.